Made from 100% natural materials

All products of Kirumi produce products with only good ingredients extracted from 100% natural ingredients.

Steady development

We are constantly researching and developing products to provide the best quality and price.

Differentiated technology

We produce more differentiated products with 15 years of know-how in the beauty industry and secondary separation and purification technology.

A gift from nature

Kirumi produces clean products that can be used with confidence by using agricultural products from our region.

Using natural materials 100%

Kirumi, an agricultural company, produces beauty care products using safe raw materials extracted from natural plants and agricultural products, and prioritizes safe raw material production through contract cultivation to develop and produce various products.


Sustainable business development for globalization

Kirumi is leading the globalization of the beauty industry by operating local agricultural products to vitalize the sixth industry, from production to experience and education. We will show differentiated technologies that can achieve globalization based on regions.

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News & Story

2020년 June 26일

Kirumi website opened

The Kirumi homepage has opened. In the future, we will do our best to make Korean beauty go global with natural cosmetics using local agricultural products.